XIV International Symposium on
3D Analysis of Human Movement

July 18-21, 2016

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Advances in Science, Technology and Application

The theme of the XIV International Symposium of 3D Analysis of Human Movement is “Advances in Science, Technology and Application”. Since Leonardo da Vinci applied the mechanical principles to study human anatomy and movement, this academic field had developed and grown. Nowadays, we use computerized three-dimensional motion analysis techniques to discover the phenomenon of human motion. To deal with errors associated with soft tissue artifacts, advanced kinematic models were developed, improving the reliability and validity of such techniques. Incorporated with novel neuromusculoskeletal modelling, the complete picture of locomotor balance, joint mechanics, and neuromuscular actions has become clearer. With the population inevitably aging, motion analysis with emerging assistive devices has begun, enlarging the scope of human motion analysis. It is an important step to taking the quality of our lives to the next level. We are pleased to hold this year’s symposium, and hope you enjoy the advances in human movement science and technology, and the application of such in society.